Discover Our Newest Innovation: Sentence Builder Bundle

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Dive into the world of words and sentences with our Sentence Builder Bundle! Each set contains 20 engaging task sheets which has 40 exercises, designed to develop and reinforce fundamental language skills crucial for young learners. These sheets focus on:

• Formation, Punctuation, and Capitalization: Practice forming sentences correctly while understanding the importance of punctuation and capital letters.
• Structuring Sentences: Learn how to structure sentences effectively to convey ideas clearly and coherently.
• Repairing Sentences: Discover the art of fixing sentences by identifying and correcting errors.
Adding Details: Enhance sentences by adding descriptive words and details, fostering creativity.
• Comprehension: Develop comprehension skills by constructing sentences based on understanding.

The task sheets are not just educational but also fun and interactive, making learning an enjoyable experience for your child!
Rs. 479/- | Rs. 399.00 /- (20% Off)
• Engaging Learning: Our bundle transforms sentence building exercises into engaging activities that keep children motivated and excited about learning.
• Skill Reinforcement:Enhancing sentence formation skills, writing skills, and helping children to form sentences correctly.
• Convenience: Easily portable and organized for on-the-go learning or at-home practice.
• Parental Involvement: Encourages parent-child interaction, fostering a supportive learning environment.
Each Sentence Builder Bundle comes complete with:
• 20 Loose Task Sheets (40 exercises)These task sheets provide ample practice and can be filed neatly in the accompanying folder for future reference.
• Durable File Folder: Store and organize the task sheets easily in the provided file folder.g
• Checklist Card: A handy checklist card to track progress and accomplishments.
• Sticker Sheet: Encourage and reward learning milestones with our vibrant sticker sheet.
• 20 A4 size Task Sheets (40 exercises)
• Durable file folder